Hi everyone!

Today I want to give you certain types of exercises that as I told you in my previous post, doing some physical activity right now is super important, and believe me, I am one of those friends of yours who now upload stories on Instagram exercising every day when they did not do it millions of years ago, the truth is that I did not do it on my own merit, nor because of the quarantine.

Fortunately at the moment, I am living with two roommates who, although they still haven`t managed to make me eat healthier, have “forced” me to exercise, I do not want to sound exaggerated but I think it has been one of the most important activities in my quarantine.

Before this I could not sleep very well, I was very active but at the same time I felt tired of the body, I imagine that for being so many hours without producing any movement with the body and with the mind on the same things over and over again.

Now, I can sleep very well, due to the fatigue that exercise causes me, I also feel more productive, and in some way or another it relaxes me and above all it distracts me.

Well, now  I will shut up and I show you a few ideas to do exercises during the quarantine.


1.Exercise on Instagram: This is my recommendation of the day, clearly because I am doing it, I am lucky to have a coach at home, as I already told you. But do not feel bad because I have the best possible solution,  the only thing you have to do is follow her on Instagram and that’s it.



2. Dance !! Learn to dance something that has always caught your attention (eg :salsa)

3. Zumba: Zumba is a very energetic cardio exercise that will leave you lying in your bed, without so much pain the next day.

4.Insanity: If you want to drop dead in your beds at the end of the day, this is one of the best options, that does require a lot of resistance.


5.Yoga: Perfect for relaxation. Yoga exercises are more difficult than they seem, so do not trust yourself.

6. Pinterest! Here you will find a lot of challenges and exercises for both beginners and experts.



Cheer up !!



With Love,