As I promised, now I am going to share daily activities and routines so that your days during quarantine are the most productive.

I have been thinking about what to do while we are locked up and it may not seem like it but there are infinite things that we can do with friends, roomies, family or alone.


1.Read daily motivational phrases
3.Learn some language
4.Organize your whole house
5.Do puzzles
7.Cook or learn to cook
8.Take care of yourself (hair masks, face masks, homemade or bought)
9.Learn something new (knit, edit videos, adobe, photoshop, graduates)
10.Write (diary, blog)
11.Netflix, documentaries, series, movies
14.Modify your clothes
15.Get a makeover
16.Sudoku apps, scrabble, etc.
17.Skype with friends

18.Wash your clothes

20. shop online

Daily routine

Get up, but do not get up at the same time as always, it is not necessary unless your body asks you to, this is the perfect time to be lazy and stay in bed with your cell phone, eating or watching Netflix until the time that we please.

Read a motivational phrase, there are many apps that daily notify you with new phrases that motivate you these days, it is important to start with a clear and positive mind.

Now, when we have finished being lazy it does not matter if it is time for lunch or if it is still early, let’s start the day!


week 1 / first option

Organize and clean

We have to take advantage of the first weeks that we are full of energy to carry out these types of activities such as organizing and cleaning.

The important thing is that you dedicate the time that your body and mind allow you, it doesn’t matter if you leave a complete mess, nobody else is going to see it anyway and the more days it occupies you, the better.


YOUR CLOSET: this is the most difficult space to organize but also the one that will keep you distracted the longest, look for videos or post on how to organize them so that you can change it completely and that it really is worth it.


YOUR ROOM: The second is your room if you are a very disorganized person, it will be worth it if you order everything from scratch, and if you are not take advantage and completely redecorate, it is the time to go crazy! (in a good way)


KITCHEN: in this the important thing and that I have realized during this time is to look at the expiration date, so you will be able to organize everything so that you can cook what is sooner to expire, and know what can last you a little longer .


STUDY OR WORK ROOM: This is very important especially if you plan to carry out an activity where you have to sit down to write, read, paint, whatever requires your workspace to be clean and full of inspiration.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The rest of the house, those places that you say: “they need a little cleaning”, and if you don’t have more places, you can also take this time to end the disaster of the previous days.



The last moment of the day is to carry out an exercise, no matter how small it is, it is important to tire the body and relax the mind, soon I will do an exercise post to do during the quarantine.

To end the day after exercising after having bathed and put on your pajamas, it’s time to relax, prepare your food and start watching a movie or it would be the perfect time to share a little with your housemates,  play something together or watch a series or open wine and talk late.

I hope this helps you out of your boredom, I will be posting more post with ideas to do during this stay at home, so stay tuned.

Cheer up !!



With Love,